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Common Questions

How Can I Tell if I Need a New Roof?

Consider the last time your roof was repaired or replaced and what material was used. Quality materials like asphalt shingles or aluminum metal can last 15 to 20 years or 30 to 50 years respectively.
If your roof is aging, has partial damage (e.g. broken shingles), or shows wear and tear from other conditions, it may be time to repair your roof. If the damage isn’t restricted to one area, it is a good idea (and a less expensive one) to replace the entire roof instead of repeatedly fixing section after section.
As a savvy consumer, you are mindful of costs and want to save money. But neglecting any repairs to your roof will actually cost you more down the line. Even if that cost is not in terms of damage, you can lose money if prospective buyers of your home anticipate they will have to make the repairs themselves. The result? Lower offers.

What Is the Best Way to Get an Estimated Cost for a New Roof?

The best way to get a roof estimate is by hiring a professional who will work with you to find the right product to meet your needs. Estimating the cost of a new roof on your own could be very complicated. But if you choose to do it yourself, follow the steps below:
Determine the type of roof you have. Do you have a mansard roof? A gable roof? A lean-to roof? What about a hip roof? Is it for a rectangular or a square structure?
After you ascertain the type of roof you have, you must calculate the square footage needed for materials. Before any calculation can be done, establish the roof’s slope factor. Multiply the length of the building by the width of the building including overhangs.
Then multiply the area times the slope factor. Don’t forget to add 10% on gable roofs. If you have a cottage roof, add 17% for ridges, hips, and debris.
At Top Roofing, we make certain that all costs are considered when we are providing you with an estimate. That way our estimates are fair and accurate.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Roof?

When your roof is leaking or needs to be replaced, needless to say, you want the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Rest assured, the process is not as time consuming as you may think. However, replacing a residential roof is going to be a project that is labor-intensive. There are several factors to consider:

  • The type of roof

  • The roof’s size

  • The weather

  • The slope of the roof (which can add a more of a challenge to the project)

The realistic response is that it depends on the size of the dwelling. To get a more concrete answer, contact one of our knowledgeable professionals who can speak to you about the process.

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